September 1, 2017: Version 7.5.5 [beta] released.

  • Updates scoring to RRS 2017-2020:
    • Minor change to how scoring penalties are calculated in RRS 44.3(c)
    • Added new UFD penalty (RRS 30.3)
  • Updates Annapolis YC's Wed Night Racing and Frostbite scoring
  • Fixes several bugs in Pursuit scoring
  • Added option to have TLE of finishers+2 to max out at number of entries (instead of DNF)
  • Clears out (I hope) odd bugs such as:
    • where ability to edit crew name information did not work
    • NoFins showing up in the finish list

Please note that this is a beta release, it may fix a couple additional bugs, but I needed to get the above features out the door. thanx

November 10, 2016: Version 7.5.2 released.

  • Bug fixes only

June 22, 2016: Version 7.5.1 released.

  • Improvements to PHRF Time-on-Time scoring
    • several bug fixes,
    • now can automatically convert between Time-on-Distance ratings and Time-on-Time ratings
    • can now change the A-Factor or B-Factor by individual race
  • Pursuit racing now supported
    • Give the desired time of the first start and the distance of the race and a report of all boats' start times will be created
    • Also supports corrected times if you have to shorten a pursuit race after starting it
  • Windsurfing tiebreakers (RRS B8) and no tiebreaker at all now supported
  • Improvements in intuitiveness (I hope) for handicap division low and high ratings. Have change to new terminology - now a division has a slowest and a fastest rating.
  • Fixed a bug in handling scoring penalties in the AYC Wednesday Night scoring system
  • Fixed a glitch in the installer for Mac so that the default install directory is now a valid Mac directory

June 6, 2014: Version 7.2.2 released.

  • No new features, just some long time oddities finally run to ground
  • Occasional unable to edit entries bug finally found and fixed!
  • Occasionally unable to add entries to new division fixed!
  • Accessing reports inside javascore browser on a windows network drive fixed

September 7, 2013: Version 7.1.3 released.

  • more bug fixes

February 24, 2013: Version 7.1.1 BETA release

  • support for Sailing World Cup multi-stage formats
  • supports (and requires) Java 7, and for Mac 64-bit Java
  • time-based penalties fixed
  • can customize A/B Factors for PHRF Time-on-Time scoring
  • penalty/scoring updates for 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing
  • "in-app" posting of results to ISAF
  • glitch where textfields would not be editable fixed
  • NOTE!!! this is just a beta release. It is "feature complete" for SWC events, but may have bugs in other legacy formats. I expect a bug fix release about 1 May.

March 23, 2012: Version 5.7.03 released.

In 5.7.03:

  • added Laser World Championship requirement to limit the number of throwouts in a finals series to a max of one throwout
  • fixed small bugs in ISAF XRR xml export

In 5.7.01:

  • upgrade to Java 6 - hopefully means fewer interfaces weirdnesses that come and go and that none of us can replicate
  • improvements/bug fixes to handling regattas where the classes split into multiple divisions
  • improved support for ISAF medal races
  • fixed several bugs in entering redress values

Provided you have Java 6 or later, the installer has been tested on Windows 7, Mac Lion, and Mac Snow Leopard - hopefully that cover just about everyone. At least for Mac (and maybe windows too) - only the 32-bit Java is supported, the 64-bit version does not work... I'm working on fixing that for the next release.

If the installer gives an ugly error, check the FAQ to make sure that the right version of Java is being accessed.

For full release notes, click here. To download, click here

Archived releases can be found here


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